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26 November 2020

Hi and welcome to our Canine Rally Blog!  
Our website went live yesterday and has already attracted a large number of hits from around the World.  As a new dog sport, you never know how it is going to be received, but everything we have heard so far is very positive, which bearing in mind, we are in the midst of a pandemic is great to hear.

Our first wave of dog trainers are storming through the Canine Rally Level 1 Instructors course and we should have our first qualified very soon.  Christmas is approaching, so I would imagine they will be advertising classes to start in the New Year, so watch out for the links appearing on the 'events' page on here.

We have a dedicated Canine Rally Facebook group, for you to join and invite friends to.  Search for 'Canine Rally' and you should find it.

That's about all there is for now.  Thanks for dropping by.  Stay safe and hug your dogs

19th August 2022

We've been busy, building the brand, teaching students and enrolling dog trainers on our ever popular Instructor's courses.  It's been a hot summer, which has meant we had to abandon some in person training sessions and switch to online, using Whattsapp and Zoom instead.  Hopefully, we will have a lovely sunny, but not too hot, next few weeks, leading to the end of the summer holidays, so we can all enjoy being outside, training our dogs.

Our qualified Instructors have been out and about, at shows, running 'have a go' rings, giving more people the opportunity to try Canine Rally with their dogs.  They've had all sorts of people and dogs have a go and that's the joy of our sport.  It's open to all!  Nothing should hold you back from learning, training your dog and being assessed.

Coming up!  As well as holding the brand together, we have realised, we need to make a few more changes, which is perfectly normal with anything new.  None of it will alter from the ethos we began with.  Instead the changes will upgrade and improve from where we started, over 2 years ago!

Keep an eye on this site and check back often.  Once we make the biggest changes, they'll be a note on this site and on our media platforms.

Change is good

See you soon x